Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Beginning Was A Long Time Ago But This Is The Beginning Of This Bit

Hello you wonderous being.

I'm delighted you decided to join me on my journey into love, light, glitter and magick. It's a brand new shiny year and here you are with me ...

... and here I am ... a multifaceted creature with many a hat to prove it. I wasn't born The Dreadess. That would have been a shock to my parents. No ... I "became" over time and I believe it is still somewhat unnerving to my nearest and dearest.

I am pretty comfortable in my many hats now. I find myself in an exciting and beautiful place in my life, but still working hard transforming my inner landscape. I am a home educating mother, a crafty creatrix, a poetess, a love n light worker, a philosophical ponderer, a magical manifester of fabric fancies, a shoeaholic with barefoot tendencies, a goddess, a mantra mutterer and an avid joss stick burner.

So that's it. That's who I am, all mixed in together and this blog will be too. A glorious muddle of wordery as it happens, as I remember it, as I see it, as I learn it and as I think it. I want to tell you about the fabulous times and the horrid times, the things that make me laugh and the things that make me cry, the people who inspire me, the things that make me healthier and happier and above all the things that make me dance with pure spiritual joy.

I hope you find a little resonance here and hopefully some inspiration.

Go on, take my hand, dance with me a while. Lets see how high we can kick our heels.

The Dreadess xx

P.S I dedicate my bloggery to my wonderful friends

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