Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Myth of the Perfect Vagina

Up until a few years ago I never realised women were being conditioned to chop and sew the most intimate part of their bodies in an attempt to be "normal" looking ... yet another way to stop the rise of the Divine Feminine to equal power with the Masculine. Here is a new documentary exploring just this ... the Myth of the Perfect Vagina

Enough is enough already ... we're all different and all incredibly beautiful as we are. How dare you tell me how my body, one I might add that has produced two human beings, is supposed to look. Yes my body is now a little scarred with in and with out just because I've lived and survived like every other woman on this planet. What scares me the most is that I don't think most men are down there judging!!

Where is the sisterhood supporting and holding each other, telling every sister, daughter, mother, grandmother and lover, that you are plenty good enough and beautiful and sexy to boot? This makes me so mad I feel I want to share a poem I wrote more than a year ago but have so far never shared. I wish every women on this planet could fall in love with their bodies. I'm not saying I don't have my moments of wishing a few bits (okay several bits) were less wobbly, but honestly my moments of wishing these things are always driven by a desire to feel healthier.

The Bath

I look and I like
The whiteness underneath water
The curves breaking at the surface
My thighs and my roundness
Pink nipples firm and plump
Unlike the breasts they adorn
But I still tempt me
I still like what I see
And ...

I touch and I like
The softness underneath the water
Gentle hands across the surface
Examining the roundness
And the white silver scars
Of love and hate and survival
But I still tempt me
I still like what I feel
And ...

I remember and I like
Here grew my son and my daughter
Here got lost in soft all my lovers
These feet have danced so many nights
These worn hands which have aged
From work and play and creating
But I still tempt me
I still like what I remember
And ...

I fall in love with this body
These legs, these hands, these arms
This belly, these stretch marks, these lines
These curves, these breasts, these thighs
These feet, these knees, this beating heart
This wise and lovely lived in skin
It still tempts me
It is a woman’s body
Perfect ...

The Dreadess xx

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