Sunday, 13 November 2011

Raw Soup

Today I had my first raw soup. A dear friend and I, both of us having dabbled in and out of our own raw food moments full of intent but not as long lasting as we had hoped, whipped up our first soup, together. Sweet potato, leeks, a hint of chilli and garlic, coconut milk and hot water ... blended up in a few minutes of high speed whizzing and ta da ... there it was. Quick, delicious, creamy, smooth and warm.

I feel I may have turned a corner in this raw food journey. I've been doing it haphazardly, in fits and starts, that's how I am with stuff. When I eat more raw I feel healthier, lighter and have more energy, when I don't eat raw I crave everything I shouldn't, my body is lethargic and my joints hurt. Even though I know what's so good for me it's seems to take a wee while for me to overcome the resistance, but slowly and surely I'm beginning to see how it will come together for me. I'm already wondering how I can turn some of my favourites into raw winter warmers. Carrot and coriander or tomato and basil will have to be next on my list I think.

I'm not going to make a big deal of it, but just slip more and more raw into my daily diet. That's the way I do it with everything. Going all out doesn't last with me. Tried that before with so many things, including eating raw. It has to be gradual and permanent change, otherwise I hit barriers of resistance within my self. I have to bypass my inner saboteur. I already eat half a plate of salad with every meal, eat tonnes of raw chocolate, have my green smoothies several times a week and attempt to make my energy balls and cookies, so bring on the raw soup I say.

The Dreadess xx

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  1. Sounds delicious! Slow and steady with the approach, thats how I'm doing it too. And no judgement, when it doesn't work.
    Look forward to eating some rawgous food with you soon x