Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Warrior Woman

I'm reading a wonderful book at the moment as part of additional research for a six month Goddess course I'm going run later in the year. It's On the Trail of The Women Warriors by Lyn Webster Wilde. It's Lyn's adventurous search to find out who the Amazons really were. I'm only half way through, but already I've feasted on a mixture of mythological tales and factual evidence proving that warrior women live in our psyche and in our history.

A warrior is by definition someone who fights for a cause, fights to protect and fights to serve. Some of the graves of the warrior women in history show that some had families, some were priestesses, some died young from their wounds and some lived to a ripe old age.

I see around me in the world today many warrior women still. They are the ones who battle unseen battles and inner conflict and never give up. They are the ones who fight for causes of justice and liberty on the world stage or on the home front. They are the ones who walk away from domestic violence and destructive relationships and go on to live their lives to the full with their heads held high. They are the ones who teach other women how to be strong and proud. They are the ones who love humanity and Mother Earth with fierce passion and a gentle way. They are the ones who heal huge wounds within families and communities. They are the ones that never look the other way and ignore suffering or pain. They are the ones who fight their way back to full health and happiness after personal tragedy or terrible sickness. They are the ones who die with dignity, grace and serenity at the hands of terminal illness. Some have children and menfolk to love and nurture, some are priestesses and healers of a kind, some still die for their causes and some live to a ripe old age to tell their tales and pass the flame on. They are the ones who are not scared of conflict if that is the only way to move forward, they are not scared to defend to the hilt the ways they love and those they love and they are certainly not scared to be alone with the deepest parts of themselves.

Many times I've been told, by men mostly, that my opinions are too strong, my metaphoric voice is too loud and I'm a raging feminist. The weird thing is I never classed myself as a feminist, I was just being me. As time has gone on, I realise that I'm just another warrior woman following the call to arms in our modern day. There are wrongs to be righted. There is a need for empowerment and education. There is a need to heal humanity and the planet. There is balance between the masculine and feminine to be sought and maintained.

If to achieve all that takes determination, a strong, loving heart and a louder voice than most, then so be it. I picked up the sword when I was a young girl, it felt right and I never put it down. I'm proud to be a warrior woman, I just hope I can be one squidly bit as as good as the mighty heroines who have gone before me and those empowered women who stand shoulder to shoulder world wide today.

The Dreadess xx


  1. You're a formidable warrior now, let alone a few more years worth of experience, down the line. I wish you good fortune, strength, determination and love, to help set the balance straight E xx