Sunday, 1 January 2012

Why Hello 2012

As the soft blanket of sleep fell lazily off my eyelids and on to the floor this morning I realised I was staring at a stranger. I remember the dancing last night, the popping of corks, the singing and the abandoning half way through the night of the seventies green platforms pumps in favour of my bare feet despite the rain. I only had a sip of champagne upon our meeting and not long after drove home, yet here we are, you kind of came home with me ... Why hello 2012. So after the dawning realisation that here it is, a brand new year vast before me like a field of virgin snow, I'm wondering what patterns will my footprints make and and how many other people will come out to play and make snow angels.

I haven't made any New Year resolutions, I'm not setting myself up for failure by the end of January, but I have thought about things I want to do more of this year in an effort to bring more health, wealth and happiness into my life and for those I love. I know the key for me is energy. I have so many projects and things I want to do that I know there is no more time, but I can have more energy to make use of the time I have. I know that when I meditate more regularly my mind is more alert and focussed, enabling me to proceed with clarity. I know that if I don't use my yoga mat for a even just a week I start to feel my body is capable of less and if I don't eat well on top then my energy levels plummet. I don't want to be just well, I would like to be super duper, zingingly healthy with energy racing around every single cell in my body.

Towards the middle of December I learned a hard lesson, I had been working on too many things, not saying no when I should have, burning the proverbial candle every way I could and had slipped into a few very old habits of a quick coffee and carbs on the run combined with lack of sleep. I paid the price. As soon as I got the chance to stop I caught a horrid virus and my skin just broke out in to spots and a nasty cold sore. I felt so ill and even ended up with slow, laboured breathing resulting in a quick check out at the doctors, which is unheard of for me, for blood pressure, oxygen levels, and my heart rate. I had perfect readings, they couldn't be more so. My underlying health is pukka. I got told that the virus was nasty, I'd let myself get run down and stressed and word for word "You should go and practice what you preach".

So a wrist slap later, I know that yes I have lots of things I'm looking forward to in 2012, but my main goal is to keep myself tip top so I can work and play as much as I want to. I know that with a clear mind, vibrant energy and radiant health all those things and many more are within my reach. I know the things that keep me well and I know that I can't let any of them slide for too long without it having an impact. That's it, quite simple really. So I have resolved to be a little more disciplined about it. I need to take more care of me. Not in a "oh treat yourself to a coffee and cake" kind of way, but in a "go to bed on time and eat your greens way". I hold my hands up to a month of being a bit of a hypocrite, and it was only a little bit, it didn't all fall by the wayside I'll have you know, but now I'm off to put into practice what I preach.

Today I'm getting the yoga mat out, then a forest walk and dinner with friends. Apparently we're having a vegetarian haggis and tatties, followed by a raw apple pie and home made icecream. Then an early night. Mmmmm sounds good, I like you already 2012. I'm glad you're gonna stick around for a while.

The Dreadess xx

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