Friday, 30 March 2012


I say to you ... one must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star - Nietzsch

All around me is disorder. Inside me I'm mess. I turn and spin in circles. Sometimes I must seem lost to onlookers. At times I seem lost to myself. Yet there is a method in this. This is the storm before the calm and the making of a new order. This is a necessary part of an ever evolving cycle. Form and chaos. Chaos and form. Hand in hand in a dance.

A wolf who has lost her way will run rapidly in small circles, turning on the spot, manically sniffing the air, scratching the ground until she picks up the clues from all levels and all senses, then off again fast, nose, ears and eyes attuned to the trail.

I spin in crazy circles, snatching at a bit of this and that. I'm finding my thing. Picking up the scent. Finding my pack. I twirl in the chaos. Don't worry I am fecund with a million ideas. I am a creatrix. I'm gestating a dancing star.

You too ... don't fear the chaos. Go in to the centre of the many wildly whirling forms and thoughts. Let them fly round and round. Giddy with excitement go gathering the bright colours as they whirr past in a blur. Have courage and trust that the clues you need are in the chaos and that chaos always comes before new form ... a new idea, a new you.

The Dreadess xx

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