Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Equinox Blessings One And All

Blessed Ostara, the celebration of equal day and equal night, is time for finding and appreciating balance within and without. It's all about balance.

Since having my bad leg and the fall I've been forced to contemplate balance a lot, not only within my physical body but in my life too. As I relearned how to balance on my left leg again, I became very aware of my muscular core. To find my balance again I had to go deep into my centre and find the solid point. Only then day by day could I extend all the way down to my legs. I still have a few physical balance issues on uneven ground or if I turn suddenly, but I'm nearly there.

It was a similar process in my life too, I found I had to go my core, that quiet place within of doing very little, being still and alone. I very quickly realised a few things I was doing that was making me unbalanced and overly stressed. I've made decisions to offload certain responsibilities that were maybe more than I have inner resources for at this time. I took time out to centre myself, I almost felt as though I became a hermit for a short time. I'm still in a process of slowly reaching back out again from that centre, only adding in and doing what feels right. I'm trying to extend back into my life with reaffirmed inner strength, yet a deeper awareness of my vulnerability. As I do so I'm really aware of how much I was over reaching before. It was as though to offset the heavy load I carried in one hand, instead of putting some baggage down, I just picked up more in the other to try and find some kind of weighed down equilibrium. No wonder I got the big wake up call.

So it makes me smile that, at time when I'm personally being forced to contemplate balance, the universe reminds me of all the different ways to be in harmony in body, mind and spirit. Lots of little gems have come my way in the past few days but I want to share just two. It was so timely that a dear friend wrote a wonderful blog about balance in which are these wise words ...

"How a ripple in the mind will cause a wobble in the body, how a wobble in the body will cause a ripple in the mind and how a moment of balance, where the body and mind are harmonised (however fleeting) is a moment of confidence, poise, grace and dignity."

So true. How quickly an imbalance in the body or mind becomes an imbalance in eating habits, sleep patterns, perceptions and energy levels eventually leading to dis-ease if the minor wobble is left unchecked to become a complete destabilising of our own orbit, flinging us off centre out into some unknown dark space of the self. This time of year though, this time of temporary perfect balance between the light and dark is a reminder that all is in ebb and flow, for this time is at the half way point where dark is about to yield to the waxing light. We too can always find our way back to the light place within, no matter how far we fly off centre.

I remember telling someone about six months ago that balance is but a dance on tightrope with pole in hand, not walking in a perfect straight, unerring line, but dipping slightly left then right yet never falling. I confess I may have put my pole down somewhere, probably whilst picking up yet more baggage which probably wasn't even my load to carry in the first place, and suffered the consequences. I have gone back, offloaded a bit, retrieved said pole and am back on the high wire. I have also rather humbly requested use of a safety harness and a large net this time.

I also got sent this video by another dear friend which made me think so very much about how humans are the only beings on this planet who struggle against the harmonious flow of nature and our Mother Earth. In our collective desire to achieve, to have and to become we destroy so much. Now is the time to find our balance between evolution and destruction. Each of us in our own way owes it to the whole of humanity to live at one with nature and tread as light as we can with planetary consciousness and an awareness of our part of the whole.

So Ostara Blessings indeed. May the seeds we plant in the rich soil, loving hearts and open minds be fertile and grow strong. May we find the path of balance and harmony in this beautiful dance of life.

The Dreadess xx

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