Saturday, 28 July 2012

An Olympic Effort For The Earth Star Chakra

Last night I watched with interest the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. I'm not overly an Olympic fan or one who really watches sport ... but I do like being inspired by heroes young and old achieve dreams and show us the best that humanity can be and for me the sporting greats are heroes too.

This opening ceremony held more than this fascination for me though. I've been waiting for this event for some time in my role as a planetary light worker. I am just one of thousands and thousands and thousands around the globe who consciously intend the holding and raising of certain energies for humanity and our Earth. 2012 is the year of shifts and activation of the planetary Earth Star Chakra, amongst many other things. The Earth Star Chakra is situated in London. The intense energy of the games and the focus of that, on London, is helping process of activation and opening of the chakra. So for this opening ceremony, whilst enjoying the fabulous spectacle, I also held my vision and had lit a candle for the event.

Just as we each have an electro magnetic system, so to does our Earth complete with chakras. As above so below. The divine mirrors of macrocosm microcosm.

The site of the stadium is not a fortuitous accident, but has been guided from the inner planes, to be in the right place, just as was the choosing of London as the host. That guidance was also evident from some of the symbolism in the opening ceremony itself. Not least the presence of Glastonbury Tor, the isle of Avalon. I recognised it in an instant, the hill I've walked so many times and its very presence in that stadium boomed my heart and brought a tear to my eye. This morning I am still gobsmacked that they got it so right.

Glastonbury, a place, which since childhood, has been so dear to my heart, is the planetary Heart Chakra. This is a place, steeped in magickal history, which energetically is growing stronger and stronger as the loving transformation of humanity happens and more people open their own hearts.

The Earth Star Chakra needs to be aligned with the Heart Chakra and all the other chakras to fully function and to carry out its role of anchoring the Spirit to connect with both the Earth and Universal energies. The major function of the Earth Star is to secure the aura in the physical dimension and keep us and Earth grounded while we all manifest as light beings.

The more and more people that connect with their own personal piece of the Earth Star Chakra will raise the consciousness in humanity that the Earth is our home and our Mother, a place to be nurtured, loved and respected, not ripped apart and every ounce of life sucked out of her.

The more people that connect their Earth Star to their Heart will feel the love that Earth has for us and be able to send healing energy back to her. Our mother loves us unconditionally and it is a part of every human's purpose to remember and experience this connection.

The more people that become aware and live their lives with this intent, the more life on Earth will change for the better. We will be more respectful, more loving, more connected, healthier and happier.

Your Earth Star Chakra is about 30-60 cm below your feet. It is what keeps you and your energies anchored to the earth. It is a black 3-dimensional star. The energy is very powerful. It flows up to activate the other chakras because it all links together. Your Earth Star enables you to give and receive love from the earth. It is your key to remembering who you are and why you are here.

It was for this reason that I suggested EarthHeart as the theme of this years FreeSpirit Community Summer Camp. Its for this reason I'm building two spaces there, one for the Heart and one for the Earth. It's also for the same reason I will be leading a meditation, given to me partly by the Earth herself, to enable many people to connect with the Earth's energy system and their own Earth Star Chakras.

So for the rest of the Olympic Games I will not be able to watch many of the events. I will miss the displays of courage and strength because I will be in a field with the green grass under my bare feet and the blue sky overhead, but I will have in my mind that vision of a Glastonbury Tor aligned with a flaming ring of fire, Heart and Earth Star together in perfection. I will replay that fluttering image of all the flags of the world joined in peace and unity on the grassy slopes of the Earth's glowing heart. My heart will be gladdened by the fact that each country's team has at least one women in it for the first time in Olympic herstory. I will continue to be wowed by the flaming petals rising to create a cauldron of beauty and light. I will block out all the negativity about McDonald's food monopoly, the budget being better spent elsewhere, different views around patriotism and the security fiasco and I'm just gonna focus on the good. I'm going to look at the bigger picture and dance with love on the Earth and send my positivity to these Olympic Games.

Just one more thing to say really ... God and Goddess bless you Danny Boyle for your vision and all who worked so hard with you to make it happen. You gave us quirky, eccentric and humourous. Not least the Queen parachuting in and Mr Bean.

The Dreadess xx

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  1. Thank you for such an inspirational and heart opening post. xxx