Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Are You Yourself?

My Yogi tea bag tag says "Learn to be yourself".

I pondered, as I do all the little wordy wisdoms that come whilst dunking one of my favourite herbals.

Why do I have to learn to be myself ... aren't I me already? Surely I was born me, just as you were born you.

Yep ... I did start this life as myself, untainted, pure me. You know what though, I kind of know that I did unlearn how to be me. Not sure when it began, the unlearning. I suppose I was taught not to be me through various words fed me and different circumstances that restricted or coerced me. I was gradually moulded in to an un-me shape. The more and more I reached back in the depths of my memory the further I seemed to have to go to find a point were the real me was and the unlearning began. I know there was a more recent point when the return back to me began, but the beginning of unlearning was harder to establish.

So I guess we all have to learn to be ourselves. What is the raw essence of us? What drives us? What makes us happy? What brings us that joyful, childlike state of glee and wonder, because that for me is the way back. Nothing else cuts it. That is how I am learning to be myself again. I've been doing it for a while now and I'm more myself than I've ever been ... well since the bit where I can't remember ... some where in my distant very early childhood probably.

I watch my child growing ... I hope encourage him to be himself all the time through my words and my actions. He has a freedom to express and just be, like I never did growing up. I really hope I'm boosting his self belief to the max and giving him the strength to just do his thing and be who he is. No doubt there is a bit of unlearning in there too ... life I suppose is like that, learning to unlearn, and unlearning to learn. The key is having the confidence and self esteem to find yourself, having the courage to seek within, where you discover that you were all the time, waiting to be given voice and expression.

I think I'll tell him about the tea bag tag ... in case he has days where he feels the world does not want him to be who he is, or for those moments where he thinks he just doesn't know. I'll tell him that Rumi said "Respond to every call that excites your spirit". I'll tell him that whatever makes you truly happy, blissful, without question, not on a human level but at a soul level ... that's the way to learn how to be yourself.

The Dreadess xx

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