Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Womb Moonbeams

By the light of the moon fifteen women wandered, each in their own time, across the damp grass of the field in the dark night to the tipi in the corner by the stream. They passed through the heart shaped candle lit entrance and bent down to enter the canvas womb.

Inside the fire was laid and they sat gathered round under blankets. Two men, wise, and gentle warriors both, carried a glowing log from the main camp fire and lit the carefully stacked pile of wood, shavings and papers. They blessed the space on behalf of all the menfolk of the tribe for the women. The full moon shone through the open door of the tipi as the men left.

The canvas door was pulled too. The women sat in a circle around the fire's warmth. They laid their bowls out, two in front of each of them. Some had made their bowls for the occasion from clay only that day. Candles were passed round until each had a flame afore them representing the Light Of The Blessing. Next the kettle of cold water went round and each filled her other bowl to represent The Living Waters Of The Womb Grail.

At midnight the blessing began. The women put down the deep roots of their womb trees into Mother Earth and they reached up high with their branches to the Moon herself. The purest of lights filled their crowns, their hearts and their wombs and they bathed for some time in the energies that flowed and swirled, shifted and shaped.

After a while they poured the beautiful energy from their hearts and their hands out to the land and to the world, with the most wondrous intent of raising the Divine Feminine and healing all of humanity. They could feel their sisters, more than 27,000 worldwide, all joined together in blessed union, hand to hand, heart to heart and womb to womb, in a sacred circle of moonlight.

Eventually the fifteen women returned their awareness to the tipi, their breath visible in the cold night air and the fire so very low. They added more wood and the smoke rose filling the canvas to the crown of poles. The women gazed up at a silvery blue moonbeam which shone, easily seen in the smoke, through the opening at the top, down into the heart.

The women warmed as the fire burned once more and they sang a simple chant. Shalom Salam Shekinah. Softly, but powerfully, urging the Divine Feminine to rise in the lands and for peace to be restored.

Then the women smiled and sipped The Living Waters Of The Grail. Then they talked and sipped hot women's tea. Then they laughed and ate chocolate cake.

By the time the last woman left for her bed in the dark night the moon had risen high so that it could shine in full through the Yoni of the tipi. The Moon had truly entered the Womb.

This last woman lay low the fire, blew out the remaining candles and closed the tipi. Then she stood still for some time in that dark night gazing at the moon, her bare feet upon the grass. Moonlight poured in through her skull and flowed strong until it rushed like a stream down between her legs on to the blessed Earth beneath.

The Dreadess xx

This blog is dedicated to Miranda Gray and is an account of the Worldwide Womb Blessing on August 2nd as it was for the women of the FreeSpirit Community Summer Camp 2012.

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  1. It truly was a beautiful time. Thank you Heidi.