Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Are You Rocking Your Goddess Life?

I was sent this today by a dear friend and fellow Goddess ... and I love it. It is one of the best descriptions of a modern Goddess I've read, so I'm sharing it with you. This wonderful definition was written by Lily Hills and Karen Hudson of Goddess To Goddess. Thank you both.

Being a Goddess is having that joie de vivre ... the pleasure that comes from learning knew things, accepting and loving ourselves as we are, whilst these new things and self love transforms us. Becoming a Goddess is not what we aspire to, it is what we are in the blink of an eye and a quick rethink of our own attitude towards ourselves. Do you notice how the definition says "a woman that is in the process of" ... not "a woman that has become all she ever wants to be", but in the process of being and doing. As soon as that change in perception happens, then in flows the joy, the peace, the passion, the love and the happiness. The more that flows in, the giving out is effortless. We become filled to overflowing. We become more centred and confident. Most importantly we believe in our capabilities. Living as a real Goddess is you being your most genuine and balanced self.

I also love the 10 elements of a Goddess Life as defined by Alexandra Johnson. She encourages us to "rock our goddess lives" by embracing these elements and finding balance, authenticity and depth in all facets of ourselves. The 10 elements are: relationships, nutrition, movement, confidence, sensuality, purpose, play, beauty, self-care and spirituality.

As soon as I read that list I knew instantly it was a fantastic, but simple formula for a very successful Goddess Life. I also knew instantly which ones I needed to pay attention to in my own life. I expect as you read the list one or two jumped out at you too. Us Goddesses know what we need to do for ourselves ... let's love ourselves enough to go do it and be it.

Go on ... go and live that Goddess Life. You know you have an "unlimited capacity" to make your life anything you want ... 'cos you're a divine and awesome creature, you're a Goddess.

The Dreadess xx

Thank you Debbie for sending me that goddess gem.

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