Sunday, 16 December 2012

Women Of The World ... You Are Invited

Dear Miranda Gray began a journey back in February this year. She was guided by the Goddess to create a blessing for women. So sending out some invites via her network for women to join her, she expected a few to do so. She was absolutely stunned when 6,029 women joined in. By October the Womb Blessing sisterhood had grown to a staggering 34,500 women in more than 80 countries worldwide!

I was initiated as a Moon Mother in August and I'm very honoured to be the UK Administrator for the Moon Mothers here. Being a Moon Mother is a path of joyful service, enabling us to also channel the Divine Feminine energies. A Moon Mother is a healer, a priestess, a coach, a companion and a celebrant for women on their journey through life. We are active channels for the healing womb blessing energy of both Mother Earth and Moon Goddess.

In the Womb Blessing family we have made heartfelt connections, opened deeply to the Divine Feminine, received Her love and healing, and embraced new friendships.

On the 28th December the moon will be full. Women around the world will be gathering together, united by their hearts and the sacred womb. The Earth will have gone through a transition to bring humanity a new era and the Divine Feminine energy will be flowing. You are invited to take part in the first Worldwide Womb Blessing to take place after the Earth’s energy shift on the 21st December. The time is coming when the masculine and feminine forces will be in balance in the world. This is just the beginning.

It will be a joy to sit with the women of the world, all held in the new energy field of the Earth. We will be connecting to the birth of new energies both in the World and in ourselves, and joined together through the Womb Blessing we will share the love of the Divine Feminine across the Earth. Having been working all this year with the Earth energies and feeling her breathing through the labour of bringing about these changes I'm so looking forward connecting to the Divine Feminine at that time with so many women. I am holding a circle in the New Forest so please if you are local join me there.

It will be my pleasure to be guide you in the Womb Blessing at this rather special time and channel the Divine Feminine energies of the Earth and Moon for you and for women worldwide, along with Miranda and all the other Moon Mothers around the globe.

From the 12th of December until the 21st Miranda is sending this beautiful healing energy out every day to the world. Many of the Moon Mothers, including myself are joining with her in this. So my dear SiStars I urge you to connect with your sacred centres, your heart chakras and your energetic wombs, and bathe in the energies that are flowing, helping all of humanity to ground them deeply into our psyches and our lives. Be part of the shift. Be the change.

The Dreadess xx

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