Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Present

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present - Roger Babson

So today I woke up and unwrapped my present with much joy and anticipation. Did you? ... 2013 all done up with a big bow. All shiny and sparkly straight from the box. That whole brand new year just waiting to be lived and loved. 365 days, a blank canvas each of them, for you to paint, dance and write on.

Here the sun is glorious and as I sip my green smoothie I feel very, very blessed. Full of so much positivity and hope. 2012 was toughie, for me and for so many I know. It seemed like a break or make year. A year that made us look at what we really wanted from life, what our heart's yearning was for and then stripped away all the unnecessaries, in what was for some of us a painful process. I feel I've learned so much about me and about my priorities. I've gained clarity, focus and drive. The revelations came though through events that didn't feel so great, to be honest.

At the beginning of the year there was the minor, but ongoing foot injury which began a process of letting go ... letting go of things I thought I was and things I thought I needed to be. The letting go just didn't stop. I had to let go of yet more past stuff and hurts, let go of the thought of a full recovery and adapt to new limitations, let go of my idea of the perfect family and accept what is, let go of an old name and find a new one, and then finally in the last days of the last month of 2012 let go of a burning and long held dream, which even as I write this brings me to tears.

And the letting go has made me ... lighter, freer and more energised. I'm ready to do 2013 like you wouldn't believe. I intend to suck the juice out of every second. I intend to be present with my present.

A friend and I were in the woods the other day, gathering leaves and twigs for some land art and we had this conversation about how it was an activity that keeps you totally in the present. Nose to the ground like dogs on a scent trail, you just wander eyes to the ground from leaf to leaf, tree to tree. Completely engrossed. No awareness of yesterday, no planning the evening meal, no feeling the hurt done to you and no fantasising about what might be. Totally in the present, like a child at play. And for me the secret of being in the present seems to be in the act of creation. When I'm creating something I'm fully in that process.

We are born creators, it is what we are here to be. We manifest every single moment for ourselves as we choose, either to be one of joy and full of light or one tinged with sadness, fear or envy. 2013 is yours to do as you wish, to live as you will. The secret to not wasting one jot of it is to live consciously in the act of creation, not with reaction or inaction. Awareness with every breath, every thought and every deed. To live in your present. To be your gift to your self. And as the Buddha says "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

Just think what world we could co create if we all lived with this awareness. Imagine how different our interactions with each other would be if we had no pre judgement of any situation, because we had no reaction to the past. To live heart to heart, moment to moment, like a world full of wise children at play.

So go, have a blissed right now, enjoy your present ... that wonderful, all is possible, glitzy New Year.

The Dreadess xx

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