Thursday, 14 February 2013

One Billion Rising

Today I will be just one of the one billion rising. I will be doing ma funky thing in Southampton Guildhall Square with all that I can muster in support of every sister who has been oppressed, violated, abused or undermined. I will be doing it for me too, for many reasons ... and I will step up with my global sisterhood, and my brothers, we will dance and rise. A fun way to bring awareness to something so serious. A beautiful way to say enough is enough ... no more. This will be the largest worldwide action for women ever ... here are Eve Ensler's words to you . We are all in this together and together we dance and rise. I am free to dance in this country, but some of our sisters will be dancing today at the risk of their lives, we should be standing shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip and heart to heart with them.

We will be dancing to Break The Chain, the anthem written for this event ... some of us will be doing the choreographed dance and I guess some of us will be shaking are thing in our own unique way. So turn it up, get singing and more importantly get dancing.

The Dreadess xx

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