Thursday, 7 March 2013

Goddess Gifts Of The Menstrual Cycle

"Menstruation is is still viewed today as a biological disadvantage to women, making them emotional, unreasoning and unreliable workers" ... this is one of the lines in the introduction to Miranda Gray's Red Moon. One of the most life changing and empowering books I have ever read.

The thing is, we do often see the menstrual cycle as being frustrating to live with. We can find ourselves unpredictable, our energy levels fluctuating and our abilities changing throughout the month ... hardly a gift we are told.

There is another way though ... to understand the energetic flow of the menstrual cycle is to read the waves so that you can surf the seeming highs and lows. Once you realise that each part of the cycle is a "time of the month", each with its own gifts and strengths, then you begin to live your life in a different way. You can benefit from those changes. You can maximise your potential. You can make the most of this most amazing of Goddess gifts.

I really recommend Miranda's book as a great read to understanding and living practically with the wax and wane of the menstrual cycle ... or come along to my workshop next month if you are in the Hampshire area.

The Dreadess xx

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